Social Media for Business (3): How to Get the Most out of Social Media in Two Easy Steps

Many businesses use social media to market, brand their company, generate leads, and many other purposes. According to a recent study, 70% of small businesses based in the United States use social media. But, it is the ones that use social media strategically that are most successful in this area. This article will provide 2 simple steps to help you get the most from social media.

Step 1 – Integrate SMM in your overall Marketing Plan

Your social media activities should not be considered an insignificant part of your marketing efforts. Instead, include links to your social media profiles wherever you can, in your email signatures, your newsletters and your business cards.

Make sure your products launches, promotions, and educational content are prominently featured on your blog, Facebook fanpage, and other social media profiles. Some companies use Facebook pages to sell products through Facebook. Some companies have a customer service tab on their Facebook fanpage. This integration allows you to take advantage of the tremendous exposure social media has to offer and showcase your business to the world.

Step 2 – Link and Amplify

Social media can be used to increase awareness and amplify external content. You could tweet a teaser or a Facebook status about your meeting.

Another great tip is to send your newsletter to all subscribers, not just the monthly/biweekly ones. It can be archived online and sent tweets/Facebook status messages.

You can also add sharing and bookmarking features to your newsletter to make it easier to get the word out about your company to your subscribers. You can add a tweetmeme link to and have your followers retweet the content. You should also include sharing options for bookmarking sites like dig and delicious.

You can magnify the quality of your content by igpanel including links to other QUALITY content. This strategy will help you create a “good content sharing image” and not just “I only broadcast my stuff”. If you are too busy to write your material, you can also publish other people’s works. That’s so sweet!

Last but not least, remember the SMM success golden rule: Never compromise quality for quantity. Good luck!